Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camplites in Iceland?

├×ingvellir  -  South Iceland
At work today I met a guy (named Magnus) from Iceland. Thinking about beautiful, rugged, Iceland has me thinking how cool it would be to have a little Camplite trailer there to tour around and really experience the scenic wonder of the place.  I wonder how many people there have rv's? I really don't know but I imagine tent camping is popular there. Next time I talk with Magnus, I'll ask!

Since I became interested in small trailers I've noticed a shift in how I perceive other places. I've always been interested in travel shows on TV. Now when I watch one, I find myself day-dreaming how great it would be to have my little trailer there to explore the place! I don't just want to go to all those far-away places -- I want to take the trailer! I realize it is highly unlikely that I'll ever tour Africa or South East Asia with my Camplite but I can imagine it. No doubt about it, having a rv affects how you see travel. The world has countless beautiful interesting places to visit. It would be great to experience many of them having my little trailer as expedition headquarters!

Tors Cove, Newfoundland
Credit: C.L. Barron/Shostal
Stepping back into reality, there are some places we will someday take the Camplite. Next year we will likely make the trip to Newfoundland. I visited "the Rock" briefly more than 20 years ago and I've been itching to get back ever since. It should be on everyone's bucket list! It is probably completely "off the radar" for most Americans - many may not even have heard of it. If you aren't familiar with Newfoundland do yourself a big favour and do some virtual visiting via the Internet. I'm sure you'll find yourself wanting to visit the island too. (See you there next year!)

At some point in the future we will pack up the trailer for the long trip across the continent and up to Alaska and the Canadian Yukon. It has long been a trip my wife & I have wanted to do - almost a pilgrimage. Definitely on our bucket lists. Recently I saw a travel show featuring Alaska, where the host was finding gold nuggets with a metal detector. I'd like find gold nuggets too! Who wouldn't?

Years ago my bride and I flew to Denver and rented a four-wheel drive and headed out to explore. That trip took us into the Rockies and to wonderful places like Silverton, Durango, and Tulluride. We visited the magnificant cliff dwellings of the Anasazi Indians and experienced the Grand Canyon. That trip should not be a once in a lifetime experience. We must go back! Our dream for next time to do some river rafting at the Grand Canyon. Having our little Camplite trailer will add another dimension to such a trip. Just getting to Colorado from where we live (Prince Edward Island) will be experience in itself. Not quite as far as Alaska but still a very long road trip.

I imagine practically everyone with an rv has places they hope to visit. Places that grab you and exert a pull in their direction. Everytime you see the rv it reminds you of the dreams. You can do it. GoRVing!

Regards, Ross   July 21, 2012


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